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About Us

New Name. Same Quality

We may be a new tattoo studio, but have a combined 15 plus years experience in the craft of tattooing.

Bold and Stylish

We can do many different styles of tattooing. Each artist has a style they prefer as a personal favorite, but they can also execute most of the styles you’re looking for.

Why choose us

Here at Broad St. Tattoo, you will get an honest and professional opinion to ensure you get a tattoo you will be excited about.



Danny Reed

Danny has been tattooing about 10 years. He can do all styles, but gravitates towards traditional and wildlife themes. In his spare time he enjoys photographing wildlife and painting.


Scott Bruggeman

Scott has also been tattooing for about 10 years as well. He went to school for Graphic Design, then transitioned to tattooing. He enjoys doing most styles, but enjoys doing traditional and neo-traditional designs

Appointment Setup


Size of your tattoo

Give us just a rough estimate in inches.


This helps us better understand the work we'll be putting into the tattoo, is it on your forearm? Your left shoulder? Let us know!

Reference photos

If you got it, we want to see it! We want to make your unique tattoo exactly how you want, and we want to save you time, so the more you can show us, the better we'll understand what you're looking for and the quicker the process will be. If you're not totally sure what you're looking for, check out our Instagram for inspiration.

The cost is as unique as your tattoo will be, so once we have the above info in an email we can respond back to it about deposits and overall cost of your tattoo.

So email us at

All emails will be read and responded to during business hours Tuesday through Saturday.

We want to give your tattoo our full attention so we appreciate your patience as email responses could take up to a week.

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